Sunday, March 21, 2010


when i was about 8 or 9, i decided to pee in my friend's backyard b/c i didn't feel like inconveniently going back into the house. luck would have it that while i was relieving myself, my parents were driving by. they stopped, were outraged, and my dad told me not to pee outside like an animal.
about a week ago, tino, one of the many kids in my backyard, decided to pull down his turquoise banana hammock and proceeded to drop the kids off not at the pool, but on the side of my house. if my parents were here they would surely be outraged. as for me, i saw the deed, shrugged my shoulders, and went on with my day.

to my loyal reader, steve chun

Saturday, June 27, 2009

what is the center of center?

Ola. sorry for being so MIA for all those who are just as interested in my life as they are.

in addition to reading, learning the guitar, and eating tangerines, "creativity hour" is a hobby we've taken up. this is my "obama mural" made from tons of magazines i've gotten from the states. thanks mama bae and co.=)

peter decided to take up yoga where he meditates in vulnerable positions pondering about questions such as "what is the center of center?"

we still cook every night

in our lovely kitchen

to an audience

we left early one morning in a weekend in june to head on off to the beach. this is a pic of the sun rising behind a rock formation called "cabeca do velho", which is the "old man's face."

we went to the beach to celebrate this guy's birthday

on this beautiful, isolated beach

we played games

hung out by the fire

just had a great time from sun rise

to sun set

until next time.... tchao=)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

hippos, fat cars, and a bath tub

a few weeks ago me and peter went up to tete province to go check out cahora bassa dam...
the ride was long, but the destination was worth it

we went fishing and ran into some hungry hippos

hungry hungry hippos

peter on boat

me on boat

and after a few days of fishing, hot showers, good food, and hot showers.. we had to say "tchao"

and then made our way back to chimoio for the JOMA conference.. and obviously, the kids had a blast

we played chubby bunny.. except, they had to say "gato gordo" (fat cat)

the music group went out to an orphanage and taught them that you can make music with anything

the art and journalism group collaborated as well... the painting was done by one of my kids that i brought along with me..

that's me and my counterpart, mariano..

work hard, party hard.. and that's what we do...

but alas, all good things must come to an end

..... then home sweet home=).. that's betty, one of the many kids that roam our backyard..

tino was also happy to see us back home... he does a lil jig whenever i bring out the guitar... real cute

kids love feeling as tall as peter

like i said, kids love feeling as tall as peter

a bath tub made its way to the back of our house.. it just appeared there when we got back from chimoio

so obviously, you gotta fill as many kids in it as possible and go for a ride..

and it's one hell of a ride

then after about a week, went for another ride to vilankulos to a hostel on a beach... this place is called baobob's... naturally

and then i started to walk towards the beach

got there, looked to the right

looked to the left

then had to walk away.... sigh

peace corps, mozambique... holding it down

over and out

Monday, April 27, 2009


tonight a kid came over and showed me a pigeon, flapping furiously in his fists... he said that you can eat it, you just gotta kill it first

so he swung his arm around like a softball pitcher with the bird in his hand, and when he sufficiently wounded up his arm, he slammed the bird on my back porch...

he studied it and announced "Ainda!"... which means "still".. as in, "it's still not dead and i need to continue to slam this bird onto the cement and have his feathers fly out like an out of control slumber party"

... and that's what he did

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"What is That?"

that is the reaction of the kids that practically live in my backyard when they saw a picture of michael phelps in the speedo LCR razor that apparently helped 94% of the victors in the olympic swimming races. they pointed to his crotchal region and said,"what is that?... is he a man?"... haha...

this picture of phelps was in a issue of TIME magazine... we showed them the magazine to show obama... we showed them obama to show them that our president is black... we showed them that our president is black because they think peter is american and i'm just a little bit american... and actually, not just a little bit american, but a lot bit chinese...
then they asked me if i was cold.. and i said no.. and they replied by saying "it's because you're fat"

makes sense to me